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Global perspectives and local insights from our investment teams. © 2023 Franklin Templeton

Apr 29, 2020

Dr. Michael Hasenstab, Chief Investment Officer, Templeton Global Macro, discusses the near and longer-term economic impacts, as well as the opportunities that could result during the recovery process.

Apr 23, 2020

Manraj Sekhon, Chief Investment Officer, Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity, discusses the emerging markets landscape across North Asia, India and Latin America, and the path forward.

Apr 16, 2020

Is history repeating itself or is this something completely different? Sonal Desai, Chief Investment Officer, Franklin Templeton Fixed Income, explains how the current global economic and market environments differ from the Great Depression and Global Financial Crisis. 

Apr 6, 2020

Listen to how the CARES Act could impact US retirement savings in this conversation with Michael Hadley of Davis & Harman LLP and Drew Carrington, Head of Institutional Defined Contribution, Franklin Templeton.